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Professional Licensing

Professional licensing is a unique area of the law. It requires an attorney who is well-versed in licensing standards and understands the professions that require licensure, as well as the potential repercussions of various legal actions on your practice. Frances Cullen has provided legal representation in hundreds of cases in this field and is in a unique position to assist you in obtaining your license, defending against disciplinary actions, and avoiding future or collateral consequences of a criminal or administrative licensing action. She provides legal representations and defend in cases involving:

  • Applications for licensure
  • Administrative hearings and appeals of board disciplinary actions
  • Licensing board complaints or investigations
  • Adverse National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) reports
  • Arrests and criminal convictions
  • Hospital credentialing or peer review issues
  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud or civil recoupment investigations and claims
  • Reports to professional organizations or credentialing bodies
  • Military credentialing hearings —US Veteran’s Administration (VA), Department of the Army, Department of Defense
  • Exclusion by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) exclusion
Criminal Defense of Licensed Professionals
Criminal complaints against licensed professionals are often tied directly to their livelihood and can affect a professional license. Whether you are under investigation by the governing board of your licensure specialty or are involved in another criminal matter, Frances Cullen and her team know how to defend you against these charges and preserve your ability to practice your profession.

Frances Cullen has more than 20 years of experience in matters involving:

  • Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act (VGCSA)
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud and recoupment
  • Improper coding or billing
  • Health care or insurance fraud and recoupment
  • Kickbacks
  • False medical claims
  • White collar crimes
Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Recoupment

Frances Cullen and her team has more than twenty years of experience providing health care professionals and businesses with preventative legal counsel and defense against Medicare and Medicaid violations, recoupment, lawsuits, fraud investigations, penalties, and criminal charges. Such cases may involve:

  • Healthcare fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Improper coding or billing
  • Kickbacks
  • False medical claims
  • Overbilling
  • Claims for unnecessary medical treatment
  • Altered documents
  • Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA) recoupment
  • Improper insurance collections and duplicate billings
  • Prescription drug crimes
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