Frances Cullen P.C.

Dedicated to the Defense of Licensed Professionals

Frances Cullen, PC is a legal practice dedicated to the defense of licensed professionals in criminal and administrative matters.

Our firm represents a select number of physicians, dentists, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists and pharmacies, real estate professionals, and other licensed professionals with licensing board investigations, administrative hearings and appeals, criminal prosecutions, hospital credentialing actions, and with Medicare and Medicaid investigations and claims of potential fraud or the recoupment of paid claims.

We understand the importance of your professional license.

With over twenty-five years of experience diligently representing professionals and a background encompassing work on hundreds of cases in this specialized field, Frances Cullen PC is in a unique position to provide you with a zealous defense of your matter while also fully evaluating and defending against all potential collateral issues.

Our firm takes a personal approach to every client, taking time to fully discuss and evaluate your issues, and provide a diligent defense to help you achieve the most favorable disposition possible.

We are known as the law firm that gets to the heart of the matter to most effectively and efficiently evaluate and defend your case.

If you are a licensed professional, we can help you if you are faced with the following issues:

If you are an applicant for licensure and are faced with the following issues, we can assist you with the application process:

  • You do not meet current requirements for licensure
  • Require a Rule Waiver or Variance
  • You have practiced or conducted business in GA prior to licensure
  • Appeal of a license denial


Frances Cullen, PC is fully experienced in representing all professional licensees accredited state agencies in administrative proceedings, from the application process, through a license complaint, investigation, investigative interview, settlement or dismissal of disciplinary claims, and appeals, as well as criminal investigations and arrests, and providing a zealous criminal defense.

A cornerstone of Frances Cullen, PC is the representation of physicians and other healthcare providers facing a licensing board or hospital disciplinary proceeding, or potential claims of Medicare or Medicaid fraud or civil recovery. Our firm understands the unique challenges healthcare providers face in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Frances Cullen, PC has the knowledge and experience to provide you with competent advice and to be a forceful advocate before professional licensing boards and in courts of law.

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